Digital Comps

Easy e-inspection, review copies
and promotions.

Digital Comps is YOUR e-inspection solution.


There is no setup fee or annual maintenance fee for using Digital Comps. We simply charge you either USD $2 or $3 when the end user redeems a voucher or when a request is authorised.

  • Initial setup fee $0
  • Annual maintenance fee $0
  • Online reader access (timed access) $2
  • Online reader + download (timed access) $3
  • Online reader (perpetual access) $3
  • Online reader + download (perpetual access) $3
  • Granular usage data
  • Easy tools for online marketing campaigns
  • You control permissions & access
  • No set up costs or annual fees
  • No shipping costs
  • Intuitive follow up and feedback collection tools

Digital Comps makes it possible for publishers to offer time limited or perpetual access to their titles for as little as $2 per book making them an extremely economical alternative to shipping books around the world. Use the Digital Comps system to provide instant, secure access for reviewers, academics and colleagues, or experiment with marketing campaigns and mail-out vouchers to consumers. Digital Comps also provides detailed reports on how books are being read. Contact us to request more information, or request a trial.

Use voucher codes for:

  • Electronic inspection copies
  • Electronic review copies
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Internal distribution