About Ebooks.com Ltd

Ebooks.com Ltd has focused on the secure production and distribution of commercial ebooks for more than ten years giving us seniority in the burgeoning ebook industry.

The company owns proven technologies for receiving, processing, managing, selling and securely delivering digital books in multiple formats from over 500 established publishers.

Our publishing partners include all of the world's leading trade, professional and scholarly book publishers.

Ebooks.com Ltd operates businesses at three points in the supply chain. We distribute our collection of over 200,000 commercially published titles to consumers via the retail portal, eBooks.com, and to academic and research institutions via EBL.

Ebooks.com Ltd also provides advisory and technology services to global publishers and retailers.

We take it as axiomatic that, over time, reading will become increasingly digital, and that books are not exempt from this trend. As the book industry converts from paper to digital, almost every market participant faces new, disruptive threats and opportunities. Ebooks.com Ltd has expertise in every aspect of ebook distribution, a wealth of proprietary technologies, and is uniquely placed to assist consumers, publishers, retailers and libraries to navigate the changes ahead.

Our background in traditional bookselling means that we understand more than encryption and technology issues. Our customer-focused approach to R&D has enabled Ebooks.com Ltd to develop and deploy intuitive interfaces that give end users what they really want. We are driven by customers' needs and understand the concerns of authors, publishers and readers. Armed with this knowledge we create solutions that work.

There are commercial opportunities at almost every turn, as the book industry faces up to the biggest technological change since 1450. You can rely on Ebooks.com Ltd to keep innovating. We are changing the way that people access and use books forever.