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This demo is designed to help you think through the changes that you will need to make to your website to accommodate ebook sales and when, where and how the Ebook Engine fulfilment will actually occur.

All of the changes to your website will need to be made by your development team. This is the "Full" version of the demo that includes our recommendations for how you would ideally integrate ebooks into your website.

There is also a "Brief" version of the demo that can be found at http://www.ebookservices.com/ebookenginedemo/brief/index.html.

Please note that these are only suggestions and are in no way intended to represent all of the options, or the best options for integrating ebooks into an existing retail site infrastructure.

We'd be happy to talk through any other options you are thinking of using. The "Ebook Engine" pages throughout the demo will highlight where the Ebook Engine fulfilment kicks in.

Please follow the red arrows to navigate through the demo.